Solo Travelling as an Introvert: Three Great Spots

Rest is something that everyone understands very individually. Before you go on a trip, it is extremely important to observe the principles of comfort, otherwise, the rest risks becoming a tiring and joyless pastime. Nevertheless, a certain standard has already developed in society: you need to go to rest in a company or with your family. And indispensable features of the trip should be noisy parties with alcohol, excursions with a group of tourists and sunbathing on a crowded beach. This type of relaxation may be completely unsuitable for introverts who need solitude on a trip to relax and replenish their energy reserves. Excessive attention and communication only bore such people.

There are places on our planet where a tourist gets an opportunity to be alone in nature's lap, to reflect and listen to silence. To do that, it is not necessary to go to the places where no man has ever set foot. You can go on a trip to small villages where there is no such intense influx of tourists instead of a visit to a large city. What are these places and where are they located?

1. Ilhéu das Rolas in the Gulf of Guinea

The islet is a part of the small state of São Tomé and Príncipe. We are almost sure that you have not even heard of it. Despite the beautiful tropical nature, the number of people who want to visit this islet is very small. This is primarily due to the remoteness of the islet from major world megacities. The area can hardly boast of the presence of attractions, both natural and man-made. However, silence and solitude are guaranteed. Nonetheless, such a vacation cannot be called wild either. The islet has the only four-star hotel, and its attendants will take care of all the needs of a solo tourist. A couple who decides to arrange a romantic getaway for two will surely like it as well.

2. Moroccan Agadir

If you are attracted by the vibrant and distinctive culture of Morocco, but you do not want to go on the beaten paths, which for the most part lead to the capital, you can go on a comfortable journey. The small town of Agadir will perfectly help you with this. You will find an amazing combination of European and Arabic culture and a minimum of tourist crowds there. Talking about the sights, Agadir can boast only of a fortress from the time of Portuguese colonization and port buildings. However, you can fully appreciate the natural wealth of this North African country and see the famous streets with houses painted in azure color.

3. The Faroe Islands

Those travelers who like neither the noisy European capitals nor oriental bazaars, nor the hot climate, will surely like the idea of flying to the Faroe Islands. The number of inhabitants is slightly more than 12 thousand even in the capital of this Scandinavian state, Torshavn, not to mention the smaller settlements. Meanwhile, nature is majestic here: rocks, mountains, and even waterfalls, and green open spaces. The most suitable place to get to know yourself better and understand that you are a part of all this huge and stunning world!