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16. Health.com
Health.com and Health Magazine provide up-to-date news and information about medicine, wellness, diet, nutrition, fitness, recipes, and weight-loss. Health.com combines expert medical information with the insights of real patients.
17. Health.discovery.com
Want to know about a disease and its treatment? Looking for a weight loss or fitness program? Want information on infertility, pregnancy and parenting? Interested in healthy living to reduce your risk of heart disease? You're in the right place!
18. Healthatoz.com
The best health information is now at your fingertips. Discover in-depth health articles and health tips for healthy living at www.HealthAtoZ.com. Get superior online medical advice and utilize various health assessment tools such as nurse chat, symptom
19. Health.msn.com
Get the latest news and information on diseases, conditions, weight loss, nutrition, pregnancy and more. With over 25,000 pages, you research your health questions and find the answers you need from MSN Health & Fitness.
20. Menshealth.com
Information on fitness, health, relationships, nutrition, weight-loss and muscle building
21. Nhsdirect.nhs.uk
Website of the NHS Direct health advice service. Check your symptoms with the online self-help guide, and find out how to get health advice and medical information on the phone and digital TV. You can also send a health enquiry and find out about jobs and
22. Doh.wa.gov
Links to other State Health Departments and other health related web sites
23. Worldhealthnews.harvard.edu
Harvard World Health News is an online news digest offering a combination of original reporting and links to news stories and commentaries from newspapers and magazines worldwide on pressing issues in public health. World Health News is published by the
24. Kidshealth.org
TeensHealth offers a safe, private place to get information about health, growth, and emotions. We give you the doctor-approved info you need to understand the changes that you may be going through.
25. Intelihealth.com
InteliHealth - Featuring Harvard Medical School's consumer health information. Information on symptoms and treatment for mental health, diabetes, asthma, allergy and more. Plus, health information for seniors, women, men, and children. Find out about
26. Health.allrefer.com
Health resource provides reliable and comprehensive information and news on diseases, conditions, symptoms, surgeries, medical tests, nutrition, fitness, and poisons. Includes family and community health.
27. Fitness.gov
Fitness.gov Home Page
28. Diet.ivillage.com
A good diet and regular exercise are two keys to a long and healthy life. Everything you need to know is here, whether looking for ideas for a new workout or tasty and healthy recipes. Get the latest exercise and diet tips.
29. Self.com
SELF Magazine: fashion, beauty, health, sex advice, news
30. Ama-assn.org
AMA - Physicians dedicated to the health of America.
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