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1. Blogsearch.google.com
Web Images Maps News Shopping Gmail more Video Groups Books Scholar Finance Blogs YouTube Calendar Photos Documents Reader even more Sign in Find blogs on your favorite topics GoogleHome - About Google Blog Search
2. Blogs.zdnet.com
Better than a decoder pin: New FSF bootable membership cards It just isn't the holidays without "A Christmas Story," and Ralphie's quest for his decoder pin and Red Ryder BB Gun. Like Ralphie, the Free Software Foundation understands the benefits of
3. Blogs.oracle.com
 Welcome to Oracle Blogs Welcome to the Oracle blogging community! See complete Oracle blogger list Top Tags Top Bloggers Archives RSS Subscribe to Oracle Blogs' feed Powered by Movable Type and Oracle The views
4. Googleblog.blogspot.com
Tracking Santa: the backstory 12/23/2008 12:14:00 PM When I look back on four years of tracking Old St. Nick on Christmas Eve, I can't help but smile. The Santa tracker has really come a long way. I always thought NORAD's Santa Tracker was a great holiday
5. Planetmysql.org
Your blogs, news and opinions. Home | MySQL Buzz | FAQ | Submit your blog feed | Feedback | Archive | Aggregate feed English Showing entries 1 to 10 of 14125 Next 10 Older Entries New in MySQL 5.1: The Presentation posted by Technocation on Sat 27 Dec
6. Blogs.adobe.com
Search December 27, 2008 MOMENTS There is a special serenity at this time of year which encourages reflection. As I look back over the past 12 months I realize how incredibly fortunate I have been - one might even say, blessed. Many of these... Posted
7. 360.yahoo.com
      Make Y! your home page Sign In New User? Sign Up Create your Place on Yahoo! 360° A place that's all about you to share with friends and family. Your blog, photos, interests, and what matters to you. How your page looks, and who sees what. With
8. Typepad.com
TypePad is the premier blogging service for professionals and small businesses. TypePad hosts many popular blogs and small business websites. The service is easy to use and enables you to create a blog in minutes.
9. Blogs.sun.com
Login for Sun employees only Welcome to Blogs.sun.com! This space is accessible to any Sun employee to write about anything. adoption ajax china cluster community dtrace frontpage glassfish hpc identity identitymanagement japan java javafx
10. Wordpress.com
Express yourself. Start a blog. See our free features » Sign Up Now! 1,578,668 blogs with 10,898 new posts today. Hawt Post More » Chinese Movie Stars-柳云龙 Family Resource for You News Departments In Science Renewable energy can work for Nevada
11. Livejournal.com
LiveJournal.com is a free service for all your journaling and blogging needs, offering privacy controls, photo storage, publishing tools, style templates, and online communities for just about every interest imaginable.
12. Vox.com
Vox is a fun, free personal blogging service that offers powerful privacy controls and all your friends and family's posts, audio, and video collected in one place.
13. Blog.wired.com
Wired.com weighs in on the latest science news, including space, biology, disease, drugs and alcohol, geology, math, neuroscience, and physics.

14. Blogs.msdn.com

15. Blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com
Seattle's blog portal, featuring breaking news and analysis from the reporters at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and dozens of expert blogs on other topics written by members of the community.
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