6 unpopular romantic destinations for couples

Some couples think that romance and passion often equate to Paris or island adventures. Together with bebemur.com, we chose to change your mind about fascinating romantic destinations.

Why spicing it up? Because most romantic lovers tend to choose well-known cruises and resorts over unique adventures. We present you with the list of incredible alternatives of unpopular yet equally unforgettable destinations:

1. Zanzibar

When judging solely from a name, Zanzibar sounds like an expensive place you can only go for a honeymoon. When in reality, not only is this place more than affordable, it is also safe and fascinating. Located in Tanzania, the island is embraced by the Indian Ocean and wild nature. It has miles of exceptionally white sand and lazuli water – all of those factors make Tanzania one of the fascinating places for those who seek adventure in peace. If you want to have an active recreation with your better half, try to take a walk in the jungle (safer than it sounds) and scuba diving. The marine life in Tanzania is divine and worth seeing. White sand and beautiful scenery should be some of the most persuasive points to give this place a try.

2. Tasmania, Australia

If you still want to choose a resort as your romantic getaway, then Tasmania wouldn’t be exactly your cup of tea. Sure, this place has beaches and lakes, but people come here for a different experience. Tasmania unites tourists globally for first-class hikes. This spot has spectacular scenery, bridges, forest huts, night lights, and clear breathable air.

3. Karpathos, Greece

The Karpathos Greek island is where you can lay under the bright sun and keep your hands in the warm sand and pockets from unreasonably costly fairs. Here you can visit ancient ruins and visit archeological museums with your better half. Aside from lazy beach days, you may try active recreation such as fishing, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, and boating. Here you can also visit Chicken Bay or Kato Lako to see what Greece is about.

4. Jaisalmer, India

A pompous and romantic Jaisalmer fortress is an exotic town in the Rajasthan desert. It was once called a Golden City because of endless caravans passing by. Why is it so popular among seasoned travelers? The city is known for rich houses and pavilions in an old part of the city. Here you can walk through the national park and get to see gazelles and antelopes among dunes and waterfalls.

5. Cappadocia

Talking about Turkish getaways, we often mean lazy days on the beach with a significant other on the shores of one of the typical Turkish resorts. However, there is a magical place far from the usual tourist’s gaze. This place is called Cappadocia, and it’s a unique natural region also known for its unusual landscape and numerous temples hidden in caves. These temples go back to the origins of Christianity. It’s also one of the main global centers for hot air balloons recreation; that’s why thousands of couples come here annually to confess their feelings and propose in the air.

6. Ksamil Beach and Vlorа, Albanie

Albanian seashore has to be one of the most underrated European tourist destinations. You can see the lazuli Andiatic sea, monumental mountains, and picturesque nature all along in these regions. Ksamil Beach is one of the best European resorts. What is so cute about it? It’s a small and colorful town on the Southern Albanian shore. Vlorа is a larger city, but all the beaches’ low touristic capacity remains clean and spectacular. The city is also known for weddings and romantic getaways and remains the number one touristic romantic spot in Albania.