5 Best Surf Spots

Surfing is one of the most exciting and extreme water sports. Surely, everyone thinks about riding a wave at least for once in their life. However, some people go even further, turning their passion into a real hunt for the highest waves around the world. And such stunning places do exist. If you just want to go surfing or are already an ardent fan of it, a collection of the most suitable coasts from around the world will be useful to you.

1. The Island of Oahu

Oahu is one of the Hawaiian islands, which every experienced surfer wants to visit. The fact is that according to legend, it was on this island where surfing originated as a sport. So, the place is really legendary. But Oahu is famous not only for its history. It is distinguished by its famous spot (coastline for surfing) Pipeline. The wave height here can reach six meters, so Pipeline is a place for professional or very experienced surf lovers. A beginner should better not risk, given the presence of three reefs at a depth. However, those who are in their top competition form can get incomparable impressions of such experience.

2. California Black’s Beach

If you are an advanced surfer, then this is one of the best places on the mainland coast to test your skills. Beginners should choose more peaceful places because Black’s Beach is known for its powerful deepwater currents. The great advantage of surfing here is the fact that change in the direction of the wind has virtually no significant effect on the quality of the waves. Therefore, you can go surfing throughout the day.

3. The Samoa Islands

On the one hand, this place is located at the edge of the world, but on the other hand, it is a real paradise for a surfer. The optimal time when the waves are most stable lasts from April to October. Here is always wonderful weather, a warm tropical climate, but the main thing is that anyone can surf there: from a beginner to a professional. The height of the waves can vary from 150-500 meters. So, if you want to learn how to surf, this is one of the best spots.

4. The Coast of Kuta on the Island of Bali

It is a true Indonesian paradise for any newcomer. The surf culture is very developed in Bali, and many schools can offer surf training services to tourists. It is especially convenient for Russian and English-speaking tourists because many instructors are fluent in these languages. The best place for studying is the Halfway spot. It is quite safe because its bottom is sandy, and the rising waves are relatively small. This will allow the beginner to relax and calmly hone their skills.

5. Khalatyr Beach in Kamchatka

It's hard to believe, but in Russia, with its harsh weather, there is room for both an experienced surfer and someone who only dreams of conquering high waves. The ideal time for surfing in Kamchatka is from May to September. However, even in this period, you should be prepared for rather difficult weather conditions since the temperature of water and air is quite cool. Dark volcanic sand doesn’t dispose to a beach holiday too.