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Things to Consider in buying an Elliptical Machine

We may find it difficulty in choosing a perfect elliptical trainer. We are torn in choosing the best specifications of an elliptical trainer, especially in flywheel weight, length of the stride and other specification we tend to take into consideration. Below are some guides and tips that you should consider in buying an elliptical trainer.

First we are to take into consideration is the flywheel weight because it has a huge impact of the entire quality of the machine and the comfort in pedaling. If a flywheel weights to light, 7 to 10kg causes unpleasant jerks while pedaling.

Resistance in the flywheel is due to weight which determines the speed and acceleration as you pedal. In simpler means, the more weight the flywheel has the more resistance you are to experience in accelerating in the elliptical machine. But with a heavier flywheel elliptical trainer offers great pedaling experience, comfort and fluidity. It is better to choose a 13-14kg flywheel for you elliptical trainer.

It is considered to a part of the main component of an elliptical bike, the length of stride. The length of the stride controls the magnitude of the movement upon your legs while pedaling and also comfort. The goal here is not to achieve the greatest stride but to have your legs some space for movement as you use the elliptical trainer. You are advised to have a 40 cm length stride on your elliptical trainer. If you lower the length of the stride the result would be inadequate area of movement of your legs while pedaling. On the other hand if the stride length would be longer that it should be the results would be you have to extend your legs in every pedal you take.

Now we have mechanical resistance of the machine, that is responsible in changing the level of difficulty you choose. Then we have magnetic resistance which works the same as the mechanical resistance but it is controlled with a console. Almost every elliptical trainer runs with magnetic resistance which offers comfort and able you to follow cardio workout with an automatic change of difficulty at a push of button.

More and more of these machine runs with Bluetooth connection, that allows you to connect your phone to the machine. Now you can use your phones as the console of the machine you can adjust or whatever you want to change in the machine through the device you have. This function also let you view on your phone your pedaling speed, distance traveled and many more. Also with Bluetooth connection make your workout more interactive.

In conclusion, may these tips help you choose the perfect elliptical trainer in the market today. You can view more here for list of elliptical trainers at the market today.

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