About Gianyar Regency – Bali, Indonesia

The story of Gianyar Regency Bali that is popular for the art, culture, tourism, and its tourist attractions. Gianyar is a regency in Bali Province of the Republic of Indonesia, Gianyar regency can be known as the art centre on the island of Bali. Aside from that, Gianyar Regency has many intriguing attractions for tourist to visit for all those that are on vacation in Bali island. Gianyar regency is located approximately 33.2 km or one hour from Denpasar city. Traveller destination in Gianyar regency that’s famous in the world is Ubud that is among the most visited destinations for tourist on the island of Bali.

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Gianyar has many artists like painters, dancers, sculptors, etc., so people today call Gianyar regency is the central region of art in Bali. Among the dances of Bali that is famous across the world is the Kekak dance that’s believed to be born and first danced in the village of Bona, Blahbatuh, Gianyar from the 30’s artist I Wayan Limbak in collaboration and supported by artist from Germany under the name Walter Spies. Gianyar Regency has many domains that become the middle of arts & crafts, such as Batubulan and Singapadu village that are well known for the art centre of tile sculpture, Celuk village that’s famous for the craft of earning gold and silver jewellery, Batuan and Ubud are famous for the style of art painting, Mas village renowned as the middle of the craft of wood carving, masks, and furniture.

Bona village famous for the handicrafts woven from palm leaves, and Belega village that’s known as the middle of bamboo crafts. Period of Ancient Gianyar. Based on archaeological evidence in Gianyar can give way and knowledge of us to know about the past in Gianyar about 2000 years ago with the discovery of archaeological sites and instruments like stones, metals, Nekara bronze that’s known as moon of Pejeng, reliefs showing human life and temples and also the caves which are located in the palaces of the Pakerisan river Gianyar, Bali. Following the discovery of written signs in the shape of inscriptions on stone or metal, then it could be identified the website of the central field of the kingdom of Warmadewa dynasty in Singamandawa palace, Bedahulu, About Gianyar Bali. Following the expedition of Gadja Mady who’ve taken possession of the island of Bali, the former centre the headquarters of the troops launched a royal palace called Keraton Samprangan as a central government held by five championships of Bali, namely: King Adipati Ida Dalem Kresna Kepakisan, as the predecessor of Kresna Kepakisan Dynasty, then Keraton Samprangan able to survive for give or take three centuries.